Items for Sale

Although the Pennsylvania Live Steamers are not set up to sell over the Internet, we do have many items which may be of interest to others. Please contact the club secretary or use the address below if you have an interest in these items. PLS takes no responsibility for items available directly from members. We offer these as a service only for our fellow live steamers.

PLS Items

Club Print by Ted Xaras

© 1996 PLS, Inc

“Steam on a Summer Sunday”

A print from oil original by
renowned local artist Ted Xaras

750 limited edition prints signed
and numbered by the artist.

16″ x 22″

Sale: $20.00 each, plus $5.00 S&H

(Pennsylvania sales tax included.)

Denim Shirt

PLS Shirt

100% Cotton Denim Long-Sleeved
Shirt by Harriton

Front embroidered with
rear with PLS logo imprint.

Size Price
L, XL $35.00
XXL 36.00

(Pennsylvania does not charge sales tax on clothing.)


Send Requests for PLS Items to:

Pennsylvania Live Steamers
P.O. Box 26202
Collegeville, PA 19426

Member Items

Steam Oil

Available in 20-oz. bottle for $4.50 or by the gallon for $17.00.

Big John Geib

Commercial Items

Skelonis Wheel Castings

8½″ Cast Iron Wheels

8½″ scale machined cast iron train wheels, for your next 7.x project. These have a fluted back and are machined to IBLS wheel standards. Wheels have a 4” tire diameter with a ⅝″ center hole for a press fit. Asking price is $175.00 for all 8. Free delivery to Pa. Live Steamers run day on October 23rd 2016.

Contact Sean Skelonis
Text message only at
(484) 280-3130 or by email

Odd Duck foundry Castings

1/8 Scale Trucks

Can be either 7½″ or 7¼″ gauge, depending on how you machine the bolster. Finishing is left to the user.

PRR and MKT Signs in 3″ Scale

May be ordered with a flat back or with a post mount cast onto them. Post mount is based on PRR post mounts and have a ⅝″ hole already cast in place. Unpainted, with flash removed. Minor sanding and painting needed to finish.

Contact Odd Duck Foundry –

Odd Duck Foundry (, Bangor, Maine, offers several castings useful to PLS members. Visit their Website for other items and pricing.