Pennsylvania Live Steamers, Inc. Officers

2019 PLS Officers

Elections were held at the regular membership meeting on March 23, 2019. Frank Webb, Lee Nonnemacher and Bob Morris, running unopposed, were confirmed as President, Secretary, and Treasurer, respectively. For the Board of Directors, only two members - Jim Miller and Jim Salmons agreed to run. They were confirmed to two Board positions and Pete Brown was confirmed to stay on for one year to fill out the Board. Bob Hillenbrand, Larry Moss and Ross Magee round out the Board in the second year of their two-year terms. Congratulations and best wishes to those who will be serving.

President Frank Webb
Secretary Lee Nonnemacher
Treasurer C. Robert Morris

PLS Board of Directors:

  • Pete Brown
  • Bob Hillenbrand
  • Ross Magee
  • Jim Miller
  • Larry Moss
  • Jim Salmons