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Rules of the Pennsylvania Live Steamers

Following rules of proper behavior is not only common sense, but keeps you and your family and guests from serious danger. Bad behavior threatens your safety. We ask that you and those with you respect our rules.

Rules for the Operation of Steam Locomotives
2-Inch Gauge and Larger
Approved by the PLS Membership August 21, 2004
  • Locomotives must have a valid PLS boiler inspection or an approved equivalent.
  • PLS boiler inspections are to be performed at the PLS club site.
  • All locomotives, tenders, or control cars are to have brakes capable of stopping the locomotive.
  • Ash pans are mandatory and must be tight.
  • A working headlight is required on the front of the locomotive for night running, with a projection of at least 25 feet. Locomotives operated on the multi-gauge loop are exempt from the distance requirement.
  • Batteries must be securely mounted.
  • Locomotives should have a means of disconnecting the batteries from the rest of the electrical system.
  • All electrical connections must be secure and protected from short circuit.
  • Water gauges must have a mounted light for night running.
  • Liquid and LPG fuel locomotives are to be refueled only in designated areas.
  • Fuel handling and storage: see appropriate fuel section.
  • All fuel containers are to be stored in approved areas.
  • Either couplers and safety chains, or drawbars, must be used between locomotives and trains. All safety chains must have welded links and have a minimum stock diameter of .110 inch. Trains operated on the multi-gauge loop may use smaller, appropriately sized chain.
  • The attaching points for safety chains must be firmly mounted to the structure of each car and locomotive.
  • Locomotives must have an operating horn or whistle.
  • Locomotives must be maintained so that fluids do not leak on the railhead or walkways.
  • PLS reserves the right to declare a locomotive unsafe for service and prohibit its use.
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