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Rules of the Pennsylvania Live Steamers

Following rules of proper behavior is not only common sense, but keeps you and your family and guests from serious danger. Bad behavior threatens your safety. We ask that you and those with you respect our rules.

Passenger Rules
Approved by the PLS Membership April 20, 2002
  • Warning: Locomotives emit cinders and other airborne debris.
  • Sit still when riding trains and keep children under control.
  • Passengers must face forward while train is in motion and remain seated.
  • Do not reach out and touch or grab any objects while riding trains.
  • Keep arms and legs in close to your body while riding trains.
  • No cameras, including video cameras, are to be used while riding a train without the express permission of the engineer.
  • Do not depart the train until told to by the engineer or conductor.
  • Women in advanced stages of pregnancy are not permitted on trains.
  • A disabled person generally requiring mobility assistance must have an experienced assistant ride behind him/her and aid him/her on and off the train.
  • A child less than 5 years old must sit in front of an adult. Very small children (not yet walking) may be restricted from riding trains.
  • Carrying a baby or very small child aboard trains is dangerous and not permitted.
  • Rides are not suitable for everyone. In particular, small children who cannot or will not sit still or follow direction, some elderly people, persons with balance problems, people of large size, or anyone recovering from recent surgery, injury, or illness may be asked to refrain from riding.
  • Passengers are prohibited from eating, smoking, or drinking while on a train.
  • No pets are allowed to ride on trains.
  • Engineers and/or conductors may discharge unruly passengers.
  • An operator of a train is not obligated to give rides.
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