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Rules of the Pennsylvania Live Steamers

Following rules of proper behavior is not only common sense, but keeps you and your family and guests from serious danger. Bad behavior threatens your safety. We ask that you and those with you respect our rules.

Rules for the Operation of Cars and Trains 2-Inch Gauge and Larger
Approved by the PLS Membership August 21, 2004
  • It is recommended that all riding cars have effective brakes.
  • All trains must be able to demonstrate the ability to stop safely.
  • Either Couplers and safety chains, or drawbars, must be used between locomotives and all cars of a train. All safety chains must have welded links and have a minimum stock diameter of .110 inch. Trains operated on the multi-gauge loop may use smaller, appropriately sized chain.
  • The attaching points for safety chains must be firmly mounted to the structure of each car and locomotive.
  • All trains with passengers occupying more than two cars or with more than six total passengers must have a conductor on the last riding car to enforce passenger and train safety. Any such train must have 2-way radio communication between engineer and conductor.
  • No car will exceed a load of one adult per axle.
  • Loading of trains will be done at the stations, unless otherwise directed by the engineer / conductor.
  • All cars are to be constructed in a safe and sturdy manner. Cars must be free of sharp edges and pinch points.
  • It is recommended that all riding cars have seats.
  • All cars coupled together must maintain 75% vertical engagement of the couplers.
  • Rocking of cars should be kept to a minimum.
  • Seats on cars that are not attached to the car cannot be higher than the front to back length of the seat. Seats must be restrained from sliding off.
  • Seat height on freight type riding cars is to be a maximum of 18 inches from the railhead for 7 inch gauge. Smaller gauges should adjust seat height appropriately.
  • Passenger-carrying seats must not turn or rotate.
  • PLS reserves the right to declare a car or train unsafe for service and prohibit its use.
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