Accomodations for Trains

There are multiple unloading facilities as well as handicapped facilities for our members and visitors. There are 13 multi-gauge steaming bays in the turntable pit area with water, electricity, and air, 10 bays in front of the locomotive storage building, and a yard of substantial size for building your train.

Our car storage barn for 1½″ scale trains has been in operation since 2006. The 18′ by 72′ building is located north of the engine storage facility and contains 15 tracks of 7¼″ gauge on two levels.

A car storage barn for 1″ scale equipment was installed in July of 2013. The structure provides 12 storage tracks.

Gauge 1 members operate on a dual track loop 219′ in length. During meets, additional track is assembled on temporary benchwork.

Gauges and Scales

1½″ Scale — 3,200′ of Track
Size: 1:8
Scale: 1½″
Gauge: 7¼″
1″ Scale — 3,000′ of Track
Size: 1:12
Scale: 1″
Gauge: 4¾″
Gauge 1 — 219′, Dual-tracked
Size: 1:32
Scale: ⅜″
Gauge: 45mm
Multi-Gauge Loop – 800′ of Track
Size: 1:12
Scale: 1″
Gauge: 4¾″
Size: 1:16
Scale: ¾″
Gauge: 3½″
Size: 1:24
Scale: ½″
Gauge: 2½″

Track Plan

PLS track layout as of April 2019

Lee Nonnemacher, April 2019

  Download a full-size PDF of this drawing that may be printed at various sizes.